Hydrosoft has a reputation for supplying a premium quality product at an excellent price, two things that we value highly here at Water Softener Salt UK. Their granulated water softening salt is one of the best out there, specifically formulated to be fully compatible with and regenerant-type water softening system. Smaller grained crystals, perfect for home and commercial use. Made from pure, food grade salt for safety and reliability. Full ISO 9001:2000 quality control procedures.

10kg & 25kg Hydrosoft Granular Salt, Salt Granules. Granular Salt is a rounded bead grown from individual crystals of salt. Water Softening salt made this way, gives consistent brining in any water softener. The beads of salt are free flowing, so they can be added to your water softener with the minimum of fuss. Water Softener Granular Salt Brands Include: Hydrosoft, Granulite, Salt of the Earth. We also supply 10kg and 25kg Water Softener Salt Tablets (Aquasol, Hydrosoft etc) and Salt Blocks (i.e. Harveys).

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