Hydrosoft has a reputation for supplying a premium quality product at an excellent price, two things that we value highly here at Water Softener Salt UK. Hydrosoft tablets are high purity vacuum salt water softening tablets. Suitable for use in all tablet water softeners in areas of hard water. Available in 10kg and 25kg bags.

25kg & 10kg Hydrosoft Salt Tablets, Water Softener for DIshwashers and Water Softeners. Water softeners need salt regularly to regenerate the ion-exchange resin that removes minerals occurring naturally in hard water. If your unit requires salt in tablet form then this is the product for you. The salt dissolves evenly to produce high quality brine to flush out calcium and magnesium impurities present naturally in hard water, to keep your machine operating at top performance. Water Softener Granular Salt Brands Include: Hydrosoft, Granulite, Salt of the Earth. We also supply 10kg and 25kg Water Softener Granular Salt (Granulite, Hydrosoft, Salt of the Earth etc) and Salt Blocks (i.e. Harveys).

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