Water hardness is caused by dissolved calcium and, to a lesser extent magnesium, which occurs naturally in the water. Hard water can cause scale deposition to form, for example in kettles and steam irons. Hard water also leads to greater soap consumption and scum formation around basins and baths.

The benefits of water softening include:
Reduction in heating costs by maintaining the efficiency of water heating appliances.
Reduction in maintenance and repair costs associated with lime-scale build-up in water heating equipment, washing machines and shower heads.
Reduction in the amount of soap, detergent, shampoo and cleaning products required.
Easier cleaning of surfaces, shower cubicles and car paintwork and spot-free rinsing.
Possible improvement in the feel of skin after bathing (Many people feel that washing or bathing in softened water is a more pleasurable experience leaving the skin feeling more silky).

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