Himalayan Pink Lump Rock Salt – Loose Lumps


Himalayan Lump Rock Salt for cattle, sheep and horses.



Darlix? Natural Lump Rock Salt, also know as Red Lumpy & Licking Lumps, is a vital supplement for Cattle, Sheep and Horses.

Our Himalayan Lump Rock salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements which are essential for the live stocks diet, performance and productivity.

These large lumps of rock salt, help to maintain body fluid balances. The salt is literally ?rock hard? which means animals are unable bite chunks off.

Our Himalayan salt has a pink/orange appearance, however, as this is a natural product the shade/colour can vary.?The weight of the lumps can also vary between 5kg – 10kgs each.

Loose lumps are packed into strong IBC bags.

Each bag has 4 loops on each corner to enable it to be carried by fork lift or other lifting equipment. For orders over 1000kg off-loading equipment must be available at the delivery point.

Collections are available from our Cheshire depot – Please call for details

For multiple pallet enquiries – Please call for discounted prices

Darlix? Natural Himalayan Lump Rock Salt is fully UFAS source assured.

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