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From ?2.99/bag -?10kg Hydrosoft Salt Granules for Dishwashers & Water Softeners



For commercial and industrial units such as factories, hotels, swimming pools and hospitals we supply larger quantities of granular Hydrosoft water softening salt, from 1 bag to 120 bags, but please get in touch for multiple pallet rates.?Hydrosoft granules are small beads of salt that dissolve evenly to produce a clear brine that leaves no residue as it flushes out the minerals accumulated in the ion exchange resin of water softeners. They are suitable for any water treatment machines including dishwashers that require granular salt rather than tablets.

10kg Hydrosoft Granular Salt, Salt Granules. Granular Salt is a rounded bead grown from individual crystals of salt. Water Softening salt made this way, gives consistent brining in any water softener. The beads of salt are free flowing, so they can be added to your water softener with the minimum of fuss. Water Softener Granular Salt Brands Include: Hydrosoft, Granulite, Salt of the Earth. We also supply 10kg and 25kg Water Softener Salt Tablets (Aquasol, Hydrosoft etc) and Salt Blocks (i.e. Harveys).

Water hardness is caused by dissolved calcium and, to a lesser extent magnesium, which occurs naturally in the water. Hard water can cause scale deposition to form, for example in kettles and steam irons. Hard water also leads to greater soap consumption and scum formation around basins and baths. This Food Grade Salt is ideal as the Granules Dissolve rapidly, which makes it an ideal solution for your water softener or even dishwashers.

Whether you are a individual or commercial/industrial customer, this offer is perfect for you, if you have the storage space, 10kg Bag quantities come in 1, 6, 12, 20, 25, 50, 100, 120 Bag Pallets, 25kg Bag Quantities come in 1, 5, 10, 20, 25, 40, 49 Bag Pallets, or why not get in touch with us for multiple pallet rates at an even bigger discount!

Here at Darlies, we supply everything you need, from Salt Tablets, Granular Salt, Block Salt, Himalayan Salt, Edible Salt, Rock Salt, De-Icing Salt, Cattle Salt, Equestrian Salt, Agiricultural Salt, Top Soil, Play Sand. Whether you are a customer wanting to purchase Single bags and Single Quantities, or a Business Customer looking to buy in bulk Quantities we have what you need. We can supply by the pallet, individually, or multiples. Here at Darlies, we have a wide range of Brands and Manufacturers, to suit every need, including: Hydrosoft, Salt of the Earth, Granulite, Aquasol, Harvey?s, Himalayan Salt, as well as our own brand products.

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All orders for more than 15 bags are delivered on a wooden pallet (please see?delivery information?for full details before ordering). Please note for 120 bags a fork lift truck is required at the delivery point for off-loading.

Collections are available from our Cheshire depot ??Please call for details.

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