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?10.39 a Bag!?White Deicing Rock Salt for Pavements, Driveways, Schools, Gardens, Ice, Snow

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This listing is for 5 x 25kg Bag of White De-Icing Salt.?White De-Icing Salt.?Our White Deicing Rock Salt is suitable for all of your De-Icing needs. It is practically a pure product, of marine salt, which makes it perfect for spreaders. White deicing rock salt is very clean and leaves no visible residue, which makes it ideal for areas that are walked over regularly, such as: gardens, driveways, paths, pavements, car parks, shopping centres etc. There is anti-caking agents applied to our granular crushed white deicing salt, this allows the deicing salt to be easily spread without forming clumps.

De-Icing Salt and Brown Rock Salt. With Winter just around the corner, it is best to play things safe and get your De-Icing Salt and Grit/Rock Salt orders in now! We supply both Brown Rock Salt and White Deicing Rock Salt. Preventive gritting the your best option, as this will save you a lot of needless expenditure later on. Research has shown that for every ?1 expended on winter road maintenance, about ?8 is saved in the economy as a whole.

What are the Benefits of White Deicing Salt over Brown Rock Salt?

White Rock Salt is made from evaporated sea water, salt pans or salt beds are flooded and then left in the heat of the sun to evaporate the water leaving a salty deposit behind, this process is repeated until the salt deposit is big enough to harvest. All the White De-Icing salt in the UK is imported from countries such as Spain, Italy and Egypt where the temperature is high enough to make this process viable.

Benefits of White De-icing Salt include: Cleaner Product – does not leave brown residue behind that rock salt can, Aesthetically more pleasing, Can be more readily available in times when rock salt supplies are restricted. We recommend?using White De-Icing Salt in areas where there is a lot of human foot traffic going into buildings with carpets that may be stained by the brown residue left by Brown Rock Salt.

Here at Darlies, we supply everything you need, from Salt Tablets, Granular Salt, Block Salt, Himalayan Salt, Edible Salt, Rock Salt, De-Icing Salt, Cattle Salt, Equestrian Salt, Agiricultural Salt, Top Soil, Play Sand. Whether you are a customer wanting to purchase Single bags and Single Quantities, or a Business Customer looking to buy in bulk wholesale Quantities we have what you need. We can supply by the pallet, individually, or multiples. Here at Darlies, we have a wide range of Brands and Manufacturers, to suit every need, including: Hydrosoft, Salt of the Earth, Granulite, Aquasol, Harvey?s, Himalayan Salt, as well as our own brand products.

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