January 28, 2016 Water Softening Salt

Benefits of Water Softeners and Salt

What is Water Hardness?

Water Hardness comes from Rainwater, once Rainwater falls and comes into contact with the ground, it will either remain “soft” or depending on the region of the UK it will reach a certain level of “Hardness”. When rain falls on to areas with non porous rock, such as granite, the rainwater cannot permeate the rock, so as the Water travels down to rivers and Streams, it actually slides right off the rock, staying “Soft”, as Soft as it was when it fell as Rainwater. However when Rain Falls on to areas with porous soft rock such as Limestone, the Rainwater can permeate the rock. As the water travels it picks up partciles from the rocks such as Magnesium and Calcium, which remain in the Water during the entire Water Processing Process. This means that the water is now “Hard” and once heat is applied, the minerals present will form Limescale.

Please see our Water Hardness Map to see which Area you fall into.

What are the Benefits of Softened Water?

Water Softening is the removal of Minerals such as Chalk, Magnesium and Calcium, which cause Limescale to form on Surfaces that it comes into contact with, and there are many benefits to this.

  • Extended Life for Appliances – The Minerals mentioned above can build up on the inside of your appliances, which can shorten their life and also decrease their overall efficiency. Water Softener Salt can extend the Life of household appliances such as: Washing Machines, Dishwasher, Water Heaters, basically any appliance that uses Water.
  • Faster Water Heating – An American Study found that Water Softener Systems and Softened Water improved efficiency by 22% for Electric Water Heaters and 29% for Gas, as Hot Water Heaters can often heat Softened Water much more quickly than Hard Water.
  • Unblocked Plumbing – Hard Water often leaves deposits of limescale in your Plumbing Fixtures and your Pipes. As the deposits build up, they can clog and erode your pipes and fixtures. For example, if you have Hard Water, you will often find that your Shower Head will clog up over time, a recent UK Study found that Showerheads exposed to Hard Water lost up to 75% of their Flow Rate in less than 18 Months.
  • Naturally Environmentally Friendly –
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