January 28, 2016 Deicing Salt

Difference Between White or Brown Deicing Salt

White Deicing Rock Salt is suitable for all of your De-Icing needs. It is practically a pure product, of marine salt, which makes it perfect for spreaders. White deicing rock salt is very clean and leaves no visible residue, which makes it ideal for areas that are walked over regularly, such as: gardens, driveways, paths, pavements, car parks, shopping centres etc. There is anti-caking agents applied to our granular crushed white deicing salt, this allows the deicing salt to be easily spread without forming clumps. White salt contains large granules and is generally used in areas where cleanliness and hygiene is important as it is the purer of the de-icing products and leaves very little residue. White salt is preferred by schools, retail outlets and hospitals and can be spread manually or by using a mechanical spreader on paths, roads, car parks and play grounds etc.

White Rock Salt Benefits are as Follows:

  • Cleaner Product – Does not leave behind a visible residue that Brown Rock Salt Can
  • Can be more readily available at Busy times of the year when Deicing Salt is in high Demand
  • More Aesthetically Pleasing.

Our Brown Rock Salt conforms or exceeds BS 3247 | 1991 and is the exact same product that is used by councils, transport, highway agencies and garages across the UK, so you can rest assured of it’s quality. The crushed, granular brown rock salt is ideal for clearing large areas, preventing ice and snow on roads, paths, driveways, pavements. Perfectly suited for places such as schools, shopping centres, car parks etc. Brown rock salt also offers much better friction and traction, making it suitable for larger surface areas. Brown rock salt contains large granules and is the most commonly used in the UK. The product’s natural brown colour becomes usefull when spreading because it is visible on snow. Brown salt can be spread manually or by using a mechanical spreader on paths, roads, car parks and playgrounds etc.

Brown Rock Salt Benefits are as Follows:

  • Brown Rock Salt usually Flows & Spreads easier than White Salt, due to it being Drier
  • Costs a lot less than White Rock Salt, Cheaper
  • Is kinder to the environment that White Rock Salt
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