January 28, 2016 Himalayan Lump Rock Salt

Himalayan Lump Rock Salt

Pink Himalayan Lump Rock Salt, mined from the ancient Himalayan Mountains are a superb source of all of the essential minerals and trace elements that your horses/ponies/sheep/cows/cattle need on a day to day basis. The Pink hue of the Salt Lick comes from the Salt’s high mineral content, more notably, Iron, but also along with Magnesium and Potassium, which are all vital for maintaining Animal health.

Darlix Himalayan Natural Rock Salt Lumps are completely natural, there is absolutely nothing added or taken away! Some mass-produced Rock Salt Lumps are made using certain Salts that have minerals added in during the manufacturing process, but that simply isn’t the case with our Himalayan Rock Salt Lumps. Minerals are naturally found already within the Salt, which makes it a perfect Agricultural Salt.

Himalayan Rock Salt Lumps are as the name suggests, Rocks of Salt, Horses and Ponies and other Livestock and Cattle such as Sheeps and Cows should not be able to bite chunks off the Salt Lumps. They are also more weather resistant and can last much longer outdoors than synthetic substitutes.

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